Greg Armstrong

As the founder of the General Admission brand and host of the General Admission with Greg Armstrong podcast, Greg is the brainchild behind everything that goes on here. You can listen to him on the show, watch him on Guy Talk, and read all of his posts.

Twitter: @GregArmstrong_

Instagram: @gregarmstrong_

Snapchat: gregoryarmstro

Collin Hotchkiss

A.K.A. the Luke McCown of Friends A.K.A. the Italian Stallion A.K.A. the Hefty Lefty

As the producer of the podcast and the right-hand man to Greg, Collin manages the technical side of all things General Admission. From making sure the episodes are always crisp and correct to making sure everything goes as planned on the website and the various shows under the brand's umbrella, Collin is there to keep the wheels turning.

Twitter: @thehotchkid

Chris Caporuscio

As a co-host of Guy Talk, Chris always has the best advice (not that you should take it as advice) on dating, everyday situations, and viewers' miscellaneous concerns. If you have to ask where to follow him on social media, it's probably best that you don't.