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A Message to Ryan Fitzpatrick


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I can’t believe I’m writing this. 

For the past 12 years or so, I’ve asked for one thing for Christmas. One thing that has been on my list for the past 12 years. All I’ve wanted is my New York Jets to have a stable quarterback. Santa has not gifted this to me and I am not happy.

Before last season, my dad and I were talking about possible quarterbacks and both decided on one person we didn’t want: Ryan Fitzpatrick. With a beard that stretched down to his ankles and a stat line that doesn’t match up to his tax bracket, why the hell would I want this guy being the general for a football team that seems to be the only source of happiness in my life.

As the story goes, the quarterback for my team became Fitzy after Geno Smith got the Kanye West treatment and had to have his jaw wired shut after being punched in the face. Fitzy gave me a hell of a lot more than I expected for 15 games and had the Jets in prime position to reach the playoffs. Then Buffalo happened.

In what was one of the worst five days of my life, I watched Ryan Fitzpatrick throw three horrific interceptions in the frozen depths of Ralph Wilson Stadium. He accounted for about 80% of the reasons why I spiraled into a four month long depression where even the word Buffalo made me want to sit in a cold, dark room and reevaluate everything in my life .

I’m still not fully over that loss.

I now sit here in June stuck between a rock and a hard place. Do I really want a guy who has never made the playoffs and is the root of my eternal sadness to play quarterback for my football team this season? Writing this makes me cringe but he gives my Jets the best chance to win this season.The rapport he has with the wide receivers doesn’t happen over night. He had the best season of any Jets quarterback ever, which isn’t hard to do but still, I want the Jets to win games so I can actually feel that thing people are always searching for. What is that thing? Fricking happiness. 

What really pisses me off is that this guy wants to be paid like he just made the playoffs for the past two seasons and can be our guy for the next couple of years for potential playoff runs. Earth to Fitzpatrick: YOU ARE NOT THAT GUY. He has no other suitors in the NFL because if he did, he wouldn’t be sitting jobless in June. Get a grip on reality Mr. Fitzpatrick, you are nothing but a stop gap until the Jets find their franchise quarterback. Sure you had a record setting year but what the hell would make any reasonable football fan believe that you will even come close to those numbers again?

Signing a few months ago would have been a whole lot better for him. Jets fans would still be expecting a good year but now that your stubborn, Harvard diploma having self has waited this long we will be down your damn throat if you even make one bad pass. You did it to yourself. You want to be in New York. You want to play for the Jets. If you wanted to so bad like you’ve been eluding to, sign the god damn contract the Jets have offered you and get your ass on the field. 

You’ve made enough money in your career being an average to below average quarterback. There’s no more big pay days on the horizon. Not from my Jets and not from anyone else. Sign the contract, put on the pads and play some football with the guys who, if only for one year, have put this little picture in your head that you’re an elite quarterback. 

Can we just get this season started?

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