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Ben Simmons to the 76ers

There’s no way Ben Simmons is happy about this. Obviously getting drafted is any athletes dream, from the time they start playing they want to make it professionally. But what happens when an organization that has close to four actual NBA players drafts you? 

Right now there’s a log jam of bigs in Philly. They’ve got Nerlens Noel, Jahlil Okafor and Joel Embiid, who we also got news of today that he has been cleared to start light scrimmaging. The assumption is that out of those big guys Okafor will be moved to make room for Simmons. 

The problem is that the 76ers are still two years away from being two years away from being two years away. Adding Simmons certainly helps but with no surrounding cast and with a good crop of young bigs, it’s hard to see Simmons making an immediate impact or the impact we all want him to make being the talent that he is.

On the other hand, my man pots and pans Brandon Ingram’s career won’t be plunging head first into a black hole! If the 76ers didn’t draft Simmons, Ingram was most likely their guy. That would effectively cut off any chance of Ingram being a great player. I want all of my Dukies to have prosperous careers (except Chase Jeter, I hope he ends up playing basketball for a team in Moscow so I never have to see him ever again) and Ingram probably ending up in Los Angeles still leaves that window open.

It also leaves open my hypothetical I came up with in January. The Lakers get Ingram, tank again this year and then draft Harry Giles. They then trot out a lineup of D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Ingram, Giles and Randle and win every championship until I’m dead. 

Congrats (I guess) to Ben Simmons on living out his dream. Hopefully his career relevancy lasts longer than Kimmy K’s marriage to Kris Humphries. 

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