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We’ve (Almost) Reached The End

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We are knocking at the door at quite possibly the worst time of the year; the end of the NBA season.

Summer is starting to get into full swing. The weather is starting to get hot and doing outdoor activities every single day can be penciled in. People’s moods have become better and everyone is anxious to get out to enjoy the summer weather.

Then there’s me, who has broken out in a heavy sweat because we are one game away from the real sports season from being over. Look, I’ve come to really enjoy baseball but it’s hard for me to be locked into a sport like baseball that’s played every damn day. I love that it’s on all the time but I currently not in a state where I will sit and watch every pitch of every Mets game. Maybe in mid July but right now I just can’t do it.

The Warriors are probably winning the NBA Championship tonight. We’ll have some stories to talk about the next few days before we start getting getting heavy into NBA Draft talk. But we won’t see basketball being played again until November. 

I don’t count the Olympics because Team USA could play five on ten and still win the gold medal. 

This is the time of year where I realize I have to become a normal member of society. I have to go out, be social, go on road trips and do normal summer activities. It’s not that I don’t enjoy doing these things but it takes me a bit to get accustomed to them. It’s like taking a month off of drinking before plunging yourself into four day bender on July 4th weekend. You need to have a couple of heavy day drinks to warm yourself up. I’ve already started to get back into being social but I won’t be back to normal until I experience a couple of other outings.

There’s really no feeling like having the NBA or NHL playoffs to look forward to in the evening hours. They also work as great built in excuses for not wanting to hang out with people. Now I don’t have that. Nobody is buying the excuse that I have to be in my seat at 6:58 for the Mets game.

I fully expect the Warriors to close the series tonight but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want more basketball before we have to close up shop for the summer. I guess it’s time for this guy to strap on his big boy pants and get myself out in the world.

The only hope I have for an excuse now is that Chad makes a miraculous return to The Bachelorette to eat weird vegetables and hopefully fight someone on television. 

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